"I Edmund Keith Purtell, retract any and all statements previously made, implied or inferred on this website and all social media platforms about Jeffrey S. Woods, Karrie D. Woods, their companies, Realize Information Technology, LLC, Realize, RIT, Woods & Woods, LLC, Luke 5 Marketing, LLC, NuMSP, LLC and any derivatives, alias or abbreviations of such names and their attorney Stephen R. Clouser."
"I further hereby retract any previous use, in my now removed posts on this website or on any all social media outlet platforms, of terms stated, implied or inferred "wage theft;" "illegal tampering with timesheets;" an alleged "Admin time scheme" to avoid paying Defendant $89,224.20; scheming to obtain free labor; getting $89,948 from Defendant; illegal destruction of records; engaging in a "late afternoon shredding party" to destroy documents; avoiding expert, professional testimony; being a "predatory employer;" acting to "steal money" from Defendant; falsifying federal 1099 forms; engaging in age discrimination; illegally applying for and using federal "PPP" loan funds; "deliberately misclassified" Defendant for reporting purposes; skimming "a lot off the top;" ran an office with "many ethical breaches and broken laws;" having a "towering ego" with ambition divorced from the people's best interests; being a despot; creating and submitting fake invoices to a government agency; making a "deal" with government officials, implying a corrupt purpose or act; and engaging in corruption to obtain a state governmental decision in defiance of a federal determination…that Plaintiff, Karrie D. Woods, illegally tampered with timesheets; is a beneficiary from wage theft; and is a gold digger” as reported by Jeffrey S. Woods and Karrie D. Woods in their lawsuit against Edmund Keith Purtell, a/k/a Keith Purtell, Case No. CJ-2022-3441, District Court of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma."