... is for insects

by Keith Purtell

This site is obviously the product of an eclectic mind. Eclectics are unwilling to obey the herd instinct. We don’t conform. It has been said that conformity lends both social cohesion and a sense of comfort. I’m all for cohesion and comfort, but human beings as a herd don’t always make the best decisions.

Truth and honor rank higher on my priority list than comfort, and, on occasion, higher than social cohesion.

The overlooked statements in this site did not fit into corporate marketing schemes. They did not mesh with prevailing racist sentiments. They could not easily be cataloged or labeled. They did not yield to Puritan fanaticism. They were not approved by cultural gatekeepers.

There may be some pride in my eclecticism. I don’t understand narrow-mindedness and the inability to come to grips with the fullness of life. When someone tells me they only listen to one kind of music, it’s as if they had said they never eat anything but oatmeal. Is it fear that rules out exploration?

Here are a few eclectics I discovered on the Web.

Unblinking Eye — Ed Buffaloe’s remarkable entry into eclectic-Web-site-dom features photography, articles, poetry, pattern languages, fountain pens, a restored Beamer and more.

Author/designer J.H. Crawford is an accomplished eclectic with impressive credentials, especially in the business world. See his Car-Free Cities interview.

Andrew Russ — A text-oriented site; arcane, odd and interesting.

David Rakowski — David’s published interests are not as wide ranging as my other choices, but some of his work, especially his typography, has been high profile.