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Wayland Hilton "Lord Kennet" Young

'a real nuisance'

by Keith Purtell

Wayland Hilton 'Lord Kennet' Young

Wayland Young
"Lord Kennet"

Kennet (2nd Baron) cr. 1935, of the Dene, Wayland Young, F.R.I.B.A.; British writer and politician; born 2 August 1923, London; died 7 May 2009 (aged 85); son of Edward Hilton Young (Lord Kennet) and Kathleen Bruce; married Elizabeth Ann Adams 1948; one son and five daughters; educated at Stowe School, Trinity College, Cambridge; Royal Navy 1942-45; Foreign Office 1946-47, 1949-1951; member Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe and Western European Union 1962-65; Chairman of the British Committee for International Co-operation Year 1965; Parliamentary Sec. Ministry of Housing and Local Government 1966-70; Chairman Int. Parliamentary Conferences on the Environment 1971-78; Chairman Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea 1970-74; Chairman Council for the Protection of Rural England 1971-72; Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, House of Lords 1971-74; Director Europe Plus Thirty Project 1974-75; member European Parliamentary 1978-79; Chief Whip S.D.P., House of Lords 1981-83, Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Defence 1981-90; Vice-Chairman Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology 1989-93; Vice President Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 1989-; rejoined Labour Party 1990.

Publications: The Italian Left, 1949; The Deadweight, 1952; Now or Never, 1953; Old London Churches (with Elizabeth Young), 1956; The Montesi Scandal, 1957; Still Alive Tomorrow, 1958; Strategy for Survival, 1959; The Profumo Affair, 1963; Eros Denied, 1965; Preservation, 1972; The Futures of Europe, 1976; London's Churches (with Elizabeth Young), 1986; Northern Lazio: An Unknown Italy (with Elizabeth Young), 1990; Ed. Disarmament and Arms Control, 1963-65; The Rebirth of Britain, 1982.

Leisure interests: Sailing, swimming, music.
Address: House of Lords, London, SW1A OPW, England.

—Information from the International Who's Who, The Guardian

Though not widely known outside England, Lord Kennet served a long and distinguished career in public leadership. He is well respected for his ongoing work for the environment and for disarmament. Lord Kennet was very gracious in granting me permission during the late 1990s to use his photograph, which was scanned from the dust jacket of "Eros Denied."