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Overlooked. Underestimated.

Consider These...

by Keith Purtell

Keith Purtell in 2012

Cultural features that either haven’t received the attention they deserve or merit a second look. In North America’s media-driven rush, and our tendency to blindly follow a perceived mainstream, we miss a lot. I hope you will be inspired to seek these out.

Not a portfolio: The site was conceived as a way of being both web developer and content provider. Plus, it was fun. I rarely add new pages. Mostly I use this site to tinker. The bulk of my professional attention goes to current clients.

These Favored Things. Overlooked. Underestimated.

The earliest captured version of ("Favored Things") is May 30, 2000 at the Internet Archive. The site actually started as a 1998 user account at an Overland Park, Kansas, ISP called The Oct. 15, 2000 version is still visible as TFT at the Wayback Machine

In that 1998/2000 version of Favored Things, I included an article on the Tulsa Race Riot (Tulsa Race Massacre), which I had heard about in the late 1980s.

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